GNUnet Overlay Protocols

This registry is for overlay protocols.

Overlay protocol numbers uniquely identify the different kinds of protocols implemented to realize overlay service communication.

This registry is used to ensure that the names and numeric values used to identify the protocols are uniquely defined and to allow implementors to find out details about the respective semantics and specifications.


Each registry entry should contain three values: the “Number” of the protocol, which must be above 255 (to avoid conflicts with legacy Internet protocols), the “Name” of the protocol, and a “Reference” with links to further information about the record type.

The “Name” must be unique in the entire registry. The value must be a case insensitive ASCII string and is restricted to alphanumeric characters.

Adding protocols is possible after expert review, using a first-come-first-served policy for unique “Name” allocation. Experts are responsible to ensure that the chosen “Name” is appropriate for the record type.

The current contact(s) for expert review are reachable at







CADET protocol.